Wholesale Beverage Label Printing

Wholesale Beverage Label Printing

Custom stickers are an effective and low-cost way of promoting a business. Its application on the product achieves branding and draws attention to potential customers.

How to use custom product labels to promote your business

Push brand image

These are mini billboards offering the target audience a chance to see your logo or slogan, giving your company more brand awareness.

Giving information

Use stickers to give out important information about a product you are selling. You can list the product’s features and benefits on the sticker and adhere it to the product packaging. The sticker highlights the information and brings it to the attention of the client.

Make sales

Stickers create interest and provide an immediate call to action during sales. You will have to use bright and bold colors for the products to stand out and attract your audience. They can create urgency and get customers to purchase the product.

Where to use sticker labels

Give out as gifts

Consider giving your customers custom stickers as a gift for purchases. They are an excellent way to maintain brand awareness. Include inspirational messages to showcase the brands’ personality or create personalized stickers that clients can stick anywhere.

Hand out stickers

Generate traffic to your store by handing out branded stickers with cool designs and saying relevant to your target audience.

Apply the sticker to personal items

You can use the sticker as an additional branding. You can use branded stickers on personal items you or your family and friends use every day. Add the sticker to laptops, notebooks, thermal water bottles, and luggage. You create more brand awareness when these stickers are seen.

Create goodwill with employees

You can give your employees stickers to give away or use them themselves. They can choose where to put the stickers to help promote the brand and the company. The stickers might end on people’s computers, bottles, bags, and other work items. It is suitable for improving the company’s pride and culture.

Customer bumper stickers

Create custom bumpers stickers and hand them out in-store, at events, or packed on product shipments. It will give you free advertising in case the customers stick them on their vehicles. This is a very cheap way to create brand awareness.

Stickers on packaging

You can use custom stickers on the inside and outside of shipment packages for display. On the inside of the shipment products, you can use stickers with contacts, and social media handles to engage your customers.

Store window

Promote sales in your store with great quality labels and stickers on your window.

Put them on the floor

Placing a few stickers and labels on the ground is an excellent way to draw customer’s attention. People will notice they are stepping on something, thus promoting your brand. You can use the labels for advertising sales in the parking lot or sidewalks.

Beverage label printing wholesale and custom bottle labels printing

Acro Labels Inc. offers wholesale label printing on bottles. Reach out to us for custom label and sticker pricing or custom label printing online. Upload your file and let us work on the artwork.

Please contact Acro Labels Inc. at 1-800-35-LABEL for the best custom label printing available online.

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